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Q & As

1. What is a startup?

A startup is a ‘business with high impact potential that uses innovation and/or addresses scalable markets.’ They are businesses in the early stages of formation, developing an idea into a functioning business that meets market needs and is able to grow.

However, a startup does not mean always new businesses with a fresh start. This also means existing businesses with a new innovation!

2. Is it a full time program?

No it is not a full time program. We will provide a 10-week Ignite Program and a 3-week Bootcamp Program for you to graduate from and they are offered on a part time basis.

Programs will also have a mix of in-person and online offerings to continuously inspire and engage you so you can maximise your opportunity to learn all business essentials!

3. Do I have to pay?

No the program is free but we need your commitment to complete and graduate as every single offer for the program participation is invaluable.
In reality, the programs we are offering are over $4,000 per person.

4. Once I submit my registration form, what is next?

Our panel of experts will assess and finalise a successful applicant list for the program. Each set of program will have 20 participants and we are planning to manage three sets of programs in the next 18 months.

5. What networking events are going to be organised?

We will organise many networking events for inspiration, connections and fun!

Some examples include:

  • Inspiration by connecting successful entrepreneurs/organisations/companies
  • Guest speakers
  • Pitch Night events: it is still under development so things have to be confirmed.
  • a potential community based event Great South Coast Shark Tank  so all the trained program participants can get trained to pitch, become a winner to join the Pitch Night event and win some prize money!

6. Who can come to the networking events?

Unlike the Ignite and Bootcamp programs, networking events (including Pitch Night Events) will be open to our community so any other entrepreneurs and businesses can also join and share their ideas and expand their networking groups!