The Lean Methodology is all about iteration and reducing the time through the loop

Workshop - Ideas – Build – Data – It’s all in the iteration

Wed 04 Sep 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
SW TAFE, Timor Street

The Lean Methodology is all about iteration and reducing the time through the loop.

That is why we are offering a repeat of all the topics covered to date. So, if you’ve missed some sessions or started the process a bit later – this Workshop is for you!

There was a lot of ground to cover in 7 months, but we managed to cover off all the elements of the Business Model Canvas – which is your Business Plan On A Page in Startup speak.

Given that the foundation of the Startup Methodology is all about repeating and the iteration process, we thought we needed to put that thinking into practice.

So, we are repeating all of the content that has been delivered to date to help you prepare for the final pitch event.

Come along to this full day workshop to solidify your thinking, to ask the questions you’ve been wanting to ask and share ideas with others in the room.

Timetable of workshop

  • 10:00am = Customer Segments
  • 11:00am = Value Proposition
  • 12:30pm = Channels and Customer Relationships
  • 1:30pm = Key Activities
  • 2:30pm = Key Resources
  • 3:30pm = Key Partners
  • 4:30pm = Financials

What’s your bold business idea?

We know you’ve got one and we think it could be great.
The Ideas Place is all about exploring, fostering and developing business ideas just like yours.

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