So... what's a pitch deck and why do I need one?

Workshop 7 - Developing a Pitch Deck

Thu 18 Jul 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

In this workshop you will develop your pitch deck.

All-important meets, discussions, emails more often than not have a pitch deck as a critical component.

A pitch-deck fundamentally is a set of slides/pages that you use to present your idea. It is an essential tool for start-ups, whether a founder is seeking investors, customers or just wanting to get the word out. 

Most of the large businesses started out as a tiny enterprise with a bright, young founder/s who put together a PowerPoint slideshow to explain their product and business model, and then showcased it to VCs and angel investors.

By getting your pitch deck professionally prepared you are ready to tell the world about your idea and why they should be just as excited as you are about the idea!

Come along to this workshop and get into the nitty gritty of pitch decks.

At this workshop you will learn how to –

  • Create your awesome pitch deck
  • Work on your messaging
  • Test and revise 

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