what fun we've had! heres a recap of the events we've already held in 2019

Past Events

Pitch Night & Wrap Party

Thu 19 Sep 7:00 pm

The Ideas Place Pitch Night & Wrap Party

Come watch our 6 Ideas Place finalists deliver their 3-minute pitches competing in a prize haul of $20,000 as we head back to where it all began at Fletcher Jones.

The Ideas Place Bootcamp

Wed 11 Sep 9:30 am

The Ideas Place Bootcamp

We launched The Ideas Place in February 2019 and over the course of the last six months have delivered a series of Events, Masterclasses and Workshops to help the Great South Coast community turn their great ideas into reality.

Workshop - Ideas – Build – Data – It’s all in the iteration

Wed 04 Sep 10:00 am

The Lean Methodology is all about iteration and reducing the time through the loop

The Lean Methodology is all about iteration and reducing the time through the loop.

That is why we are offering a repeat of all the topics covered to date. So, if you’ve missed some sessions or started the process a bit later – this Workshop is for you!

Ideas Place Masterclass - Innovative Marketing for Startups

Wed 28 Aug 6:00 pm

Marketing Ideas for Greater Impact

One of the biggest challenges startups and small businesses face is knowing where to focus their marketing activity to get the greatest impact on a really tight budget.

Masterclass - The Realities of Being a Founder/Entrepreneur

Thu 22 Aug 6:00 pm

Life as a founder/entrepreneur comes with many challenges

Life as a founder/entrepreneur comes with many challenges. You need to be all things – the CEO, the Operations Manager, the Finance Manager, HR Manager, IT Manager …plus, plus, plus.

Workshop - Understanding Your Numbers

Wed 07 Aug 6:00 pm

Understanding Your Numbers

We understand that numbers may seem boring and scary. But they are an important aspect of any business, and the more you can understand what the numbers represent, the better you can manage the risks of the business.

The Changemakers

Thu 25 Jul 10:00 am

Just because you’re young, doesn’t mean the world’s not yours.

Students and changemakers from across the South-West are invited to attend this inspiring session provided by The Ideas Place, focused on how young entrepreneurs are forging career pathways for themselves through modern technology.

Workshop 7 - Developing a Pitch Deck

Thu 18 Jul 5:30 pm

So... what's a pitch deck and why do I need one?
  • Create your awesome pitch deck
  • Work on your messaging
  • Test and revise 
Masterclass 5 - Key Aspects of Pitching

Thu 04 Jul 5:30 pm

How to make your pitch perfect
  • Know your audience
  • It’s more than just a pitch deck
  • Practice makes perfect
Workshop 6 - Show me the Money!

Thu 27 Jun 5:30 pm

The importance of building a model
  • Setting up a framework
  • What inputs to I need?
  • The key to assumptions
Masterclass 4 - Financial Basics

Thu 20 Jun 5:30 pm

Getting you started by understanding the basics
  • What are financial statements and how are they used
  • What is a burn rate?
  • What does “runway” mean?
Music Meetup

Fri 14 Jun 7:00 pm

Music Meetup

Featuring a guest performance by Joe Gardner on Alderwood Speakers with talks from Ali Kavanagh (Archie Roach), Sam Pyers (Goomfest) and Joe Gardner (Kennedy’s Creek Music Festival), this Ideas Place meetup is a Friday night event not to be missed!

The Party People

Fri 07 Jun 7:30 pm

Festivals and Music Event

The Ideas Place is for thinkers, doers and bright sparks across the southwest. For this special Winter Weekends event, it’s hosting an evening with speakers who are in the business of bringing people together.

Workshop 5 - Where Do I Want to Go, and How the Hell Do I Get There?

Thu 30 May 5:30 pm

Plan for the future and learn from the past
  • Develop aims and objectives
  • Set a strategy
  • Identify a plan 
Food and Tourism Meetup

Thu 23 May 6:00 pm

mingle with other passionate foodie's

Join us at The Dart and Marlin for a casual and cosy night to hear from some foodie entrepreneurs who are leading the way in the food scene both regionally and in Melbourne!

Masterclass 3 - Why Partners matter?

Thu 16 May 5:30 pm

There's no ship like partnership
  • Set the baseline
  • What value does each party bring to the table
  • What to do when things go wrong?
An Afternoon at Tower Hill

Sat 11 May 1:00 pm

Food and Fibre, innovation history

Come and roam around the natural beauty of Tower Hill and enjoy an Indigenous lunch.

Workshop 3 & 4 - Defining Your Channels to Market

Wed 24 Apr 5:30 pm

Understand how you will get your customers
  • Define your customers and channels to reach them
  • Communicate with your customers in the best way
  • Build customer personas
Event - What's Your Back of Coaster Idea?

Wed 10 Apr 6:15 pm

Take a bite (and a sip) out of Corangamite

Have you ever been out and had such a great idea that you just had to write it down, possibly on the back of a coaster? We want to hear that idea!

A Decent Proposal

Wed 03 Apr 5:30 pm

A South West Pitch Night

Local South-West businesses have a once in a life time opportunity to pitch their business idea or invention for a chance to win an all expenses paid trip to China.

Masterclass 2 - Introduction to the Business Model Canvas

Thu 21 Mar 5:30 pm

How to get your business plan on a single page
  • Segment your customers and how to market to them
  • Draft a business model canvas
  • Keep your business model flexible and adaptable
Workshop 1 & 2

Thu 28 Feb 5:30 pm

Enough talk – let’s get to work!

You've heard from guest speakers, you've chatted with clever people like yourself, now it's time to take action to bring your idea to life.


Thu 21 Feb 6:00 pm

Connecting the Old and the New

Connecting the Old and the New


Thu 14 Feb 5:30 pm

Introduction to the Lean Methodology

Learn startup theory and why we use specific tools and resources to help you validate your business idea.

Come along if you’ve been thinking about starting a business, or if you’re feeling stuck or needing some clarity on how to get your business idea down on paper.

Ideas Place Launch

Thu 07 Feb 5:30 pm

Everyone has at least one good idea for a new invention or business and the difficult part is recognising its potential and taking the first steps to bring it to life

The Ideas Place was launched at 5.30pm on Thursday 7th February, at the new Warrnambool Motor Museum in the Fletcher Jones Factory. It was an exciting opportunity to hear about the legacy of Fletcher Jones from one of the founders of Quicksilver, Simon Buttonshaw.

What’s your bold business idea?

We know you’ve got one and we think it could be great.
The Ideas Place is all about exploring, fostering and developing business ideas just like yours.

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