A dynamic series of events, masterclasses and meet-ups to create a future for your ideas.

Events, workshops and masterclasses

You've heard from guest speakers, you've chatted with clever people like you, now it's time to take action to bring your idea to life.

It's best if you can attend all classes and workshops, as each will contain information relevant to any startup business, but you can also choose to attend the units most relevant to where you're at.


Hear from inspirational guest speakers who have turned their ideas into awesome businesses. Hear the steps they took to acheive success and learn how these can be applied to your business idea.


This is where the theory behind transforming your idea into a business is presented in a casual atmosphere. The masterclasses will get you thinking about new angles for your business and give a wholistic overview to getting it off the ground.


Enough listening, it’s time to start working on your business idea! The hands-on workshops are where all the theory learnt in the masterclasses is applied to your business model.


Meetups are all about being social, so come along and have a drink and some nibbles with like-minded people. They're a great chance to network and talk to your peers about your cool new idea.

Oh, and did we mention cash to help? Yep a cool $10,000 is on offer to one of our participants.

How do I get my hands on the cash?

We know, we get it, the cash would be very handy towards your great new business. To be eligible for the cash it is expected that you would have attended most of the Masterclasses and Workshops and have worked on your business model to get it to the point where you are ready to tell the world about it!

At the end of the program there will be a Bootcamp, this will be the next level in your business preparation. 

Once you are Bootcamp ready a Pitch Event will take place – think Shark Tank, (don’t worry, you will be ready!) where the winning pitch will win $10,000 to put towards their business.

The Changemakers

Thu 25 Jul 10:00 am

Just because you’re young, doesn’t mean the world’s not yours.

Students and changemakers from across the South-West are invited to attend this inspiring session provided by The Ideas Place, focused on how young entrepreneurs are forging career pathways for themselves through modern technology.

Workshop - Understanding Your Numbers

Wed 07 Aug 6:00 pm

Understanding Your Numbers

We understand that numbers may seem boring and scary. But they are an important aspect of any business, and the more you can understand what the numbers represent, the better you can manage the risks of the business.

Masterclass - The Realities of Being a Founder/Entrepreneur

Thu 22 Aug 6:00 pm

Life as a founder/entrepreneur comes with many challenges

Life as a founder/entrepreneur comes with many challenges. You need to be all things – the CEO, the Operations Manager, the Finance Manager, HR Manager, IT Manager …plus, plus, plus.

Workshop - Ideas – Build – Data – It’s all in the iteration

Wed 04 Sep 6:00 pm

The Lean Methodology is all about iteration and reducing the time through the loop

The Lean Methodology is all about iteration and reducing the time through the loop.

That is why we are offering a repeat of all the topics covered to date. So, if you’ve missed some sessions or started the process a bit later – this Workshop is for you!

What’s your bold business idea?

We know you’ve got one and we think it could be great.
The Ideas Place is all about exploring, fostering and developing business ideas just like yours.

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